Who Are You Wearing Today?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yes, You Must Identify Who Are You Wearing Today? Okay, this doesn’t have a lot to do with internet marketing, and yet it’s got EVERYTHING to do with becoming whatever it is that you want to be… …including a million dollar a year marketer. Imagine what a tough nut to crack it must be to… Continue reading Who Are You Wearing Today?

Omni-Channel Approach

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here’s The Omni-Channel Approach! Old school marketing said to create a lot of written content and call it a day. And for a time, that worked really, really well. Fast forward to today, and written content is still great and it’s still needed, but it is not enough. You’ve also got to be doing podcasts,… Continue reading Omni-Channel Approach

Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing

Reading Time: 2 minutes What determines whether a small business marketing succeeds or fails? Why ‘Smarketing,’ or Integrated Sales-and-Marketing Strategy, Is the Future … – Entrepreneur Well, we don’t have any ultimate answers yet. Business success usually means creating a possible entity (business) that returns its investment and earns a profit. Every day, new business ventures are created. Some… Continue reading Small Business Marketing