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Here’s How My Friend Earn Money To Fix A WordPress Plugin;

I know a guy who recently bought a WordPress plugin for $47, which included resale and rebranding rights. But when he tried to use the plugin, it didn’t work right. Plus, it was missing features that he wanted for his website.

So, he hired a coder to fix the plugin and add the features. Finding the coder on Upwork was easy, and the cost was reasonable. Then he rebranded the plugin and sold it as his own.

Result? He cleared nearly $3,000 after expenses. Time involved – about 5 hours, and most of that was writing and setting up his sales page. It’s worth noting that he does have a virtual assistant to handle customer service.

If you do this, just know that you or your VA will need to answer any questions you get from customers. Also, be sure to set up a page where you place all the questions customers have before and after the sale, as well as the answers.

This way you won’t have to answer the same question twice, and customers can go there first, instead of emailing you. Do one of these a month, and you’ve got a very nice part time income without a lot of work.

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