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Earn Money To Fix A WordPress Plugin

Wordpress Plugin Coding

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here’s How My Friend Earn Money To Fix A WordPress Plugin; I know a guy who recently bought a WordPress plugin for $47, which included resale and rebranding rights. But when he tried to use the plugin, it didn’t work right. Plus, it was missing features that he wanted for his website. So, he hired […]

20 Proven & Evergreen Ways to Drive Traffic

Ways To Drive Traffic

Reading Time: 8 minutes Here’s the 20 Proven & Evergreen Ways to Drive Traffic! All bloggers want to drive traffic to their blogs, but they just don’t seem to know how to do it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could post blog content and then have hordes of people coming to your site to read it? You could […]

Wireless POS And Wireless Mobile Computing

Restaurant POS

Reading Time: 3 minutes Wireless POS And Wireless Mobile Computing- Restaurant Software That Increases Profits! Until recently, restaurant and hospitality owners were wary of adopting wireless POS systems for their establishments. Issues such a cost, ease of use and a general uncertainty about new technology caused them to take pause. Nowadays, however, with the popularity of PDA’s, Blackberries, cell […]

Choosing the Right Forex Software For You

Choosing the Right Forex Software

Reading Time: 2 minutes Here’s how to Choose the right Forex software trading platform for your adventure. You might be looking for a charting platform, or a trading platform. You could also be looking for an automated trading program, or a signal service. You are most probably looking for some form of assistance to help with your trading. This […]

WordPress As Your Choice Blogging Platform


Reading Time: 2 minutes Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Choice Blogging Platform! The blogging world has taken the internet by storm. Read this article to learn why you should get started blogging yourself with one of the best open source blogging platforms available: WordPress. There is no doubt that the blogging has changed the internet as we […]

Blogger or WordPress?

Which one is better, blogger or wordpress

Reading Time: 2 minutes For your blogging platform, do you want to use Blogger or WordPress? The two main hosted blog types, are Blogger from Google and WordPress from – you’ll find that whenever a discussion about where its best to host your blog, if you’re not hosting it yourself, that these two are rated the highest. So […]

Blogging with WordPress


Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you have any idea about Blogging with WordPress? Yes…. yes…. yes… Wordpress is one of the many options available to bloggers who are looking for free software online which makes it incredibly easy to publish their own blog. This software is easy to use, provides a variety of templates and offer excellent support to bloggers. […]

The Secret of Efficient Businesses

Software - Secret to efficient business

Reading Time: 3 minutes Asset Management Software: the Secret of Efficient Businesses Naturally, all businesses need to manage their physical and non-physical assets regardless of their size. Call centers, manufacturing firms, sales companies and other corporate offices need asset management. Everything needs to be watched from the point of choosing the assets, initiating and maintaining them, up to the […]

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