How To Create A Killer YouTube Channel

How To Make A Channel
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How To Create An Awesome And Killer YouTube Channel!

Before you even create a video that has viral potential, (making videos is not extremely complicated if you love what you do), you have to create a channel that stands out. It is also true that the videos you create are the chemical X, which will make your channel standout. However, I have found that creating a killer channel before uploading the first video is important. Let me also point out that we shall not cover how to create a channel (I shall assume you know how to sign up for a Killer YouTube channel); what we shall cover is how to make the channel yours and make it stand out. Here are the tips you need to achieve this fete.

Create and design your brand

As I have indicated, we shall not cover how to create a channel. However, I should point out that if you have a Google email account and comment or like videos on YouTube, chances are, you already have a channel. It is important to note that the channel you create is the heart of your YouTube brand. This is what will prompt viewers to subscribe to your channel. What this means is that you have to give your channel’s name the proper attention it deserves.

Your channel name should be something memorable and relevant to the content you shall be sharing with your subscribers and the world. For example, if you intend to create how to make-up videos, you could create a channel under the name ‘beautywithin’.  If you do not know how to create a channel, here is the link to the channel creation portal.

Exude professionalism

If you take a moment to wade through all the videos that attract many views and comments on YouTube, you will notice one outstanding thing, which is the quality of video and interactions. This simply means that to create a killer channel and video that draws in millions of views, you have to be professional. You have to be professional about your presentation, how you create the video and especially the technology you use to shoot the video. This means that if you do not have a video camera, you can use your iPhone (not recommended) but make sure to hold the phone as steadily as possible. Additionally, the audio on your video should be of high quality.

It also means that if you are not a native English speaker or have an accent, you should seriously consider adding subtitles to your video. If your videos are out of focus, I can guarantee that your channel will never come close to stardom status. To find out what is professional by YouTube standards, visit some of the more popular channels and emulate their video presentation.

Create a video response

Most YouTubers struggle to get their channel noticed despite the fact that they may be producing high quality sharable content. This leaves the uploader with only hope that someone with a large following will discover his or her channel. Here is a trick that will ensure your channel gets out there faster. That trick is to create a high quality video response to a popular video. Furthermore, make your response either interesting or highly controversial to make sure that other people click through to your channel without necessarily caring who you are. Controversial, interesting, shocking, or insightful video responses will also guarantee you a few subscribers who feel that your opinion or style speaks to them.

On the other hand, even if you do not get subscribers, chances are high that the ones who click through to your channel will watch a few of your videos. There is a caveat to using video responses; make sure you do not try this trick until your channel has some very high quality, interesting videos.

Bait the crowd with reviews

When you want to buy an item, the first thing you probably do is to head over to Google to search for reviews. The easiest and most likely to go viral videos are review videos. It really does not matter what gadget or item you review as long as you make sure that the review is comprehensive and speaks directly to the crowd of people interested in that particular item. Many of us (perhaps even you) are always looking for product reviews; as such, create a channel that gets many views and subscribers. It is well worth the effort to produce a few highly actionable review videos of some popular gadgets or products.

Killer Youtube Channel
Killer Youtube Channel

Channel your energy on the channel

If your favorite musician only produced a song after every three years, how would that make you feel? Bored is the word! A killer YouTube channel takes a very similar approach. If your commitment to the channel waivers such that it takes you very long to upload, all the subscribers and viewers you have gathered, will drift off to another channel that offers them videos consistently. It does not stop at uploading; you have to be active on the channel, interacting with viewers, responding to their comments, and simply making sure they feel appreciated and connected to you. If you do seem to hold the interests of your audience at heart, by constantly interacting and uploading videos, they will move on.

Key point/action step

To develop the mindset and routine necessary for creating an outstanding killer YouTube channel, fall into the habit of logging onto the site daily, watching a few videos and commenting on those that interest you. This is especially important because it will fuel your idea machinery and push you to create videos that people like.

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