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Question, Why you should be considering using facebook advertising?

Using Facebook is one of the biggest and most successful websites on the internet. In fact, it’s the second largest overall, second only to Google in terms of users. It’s often (correctly) quoted that if the active Facebook users were the population of a country, it would be one of the biggest countries in the world. And according to a recent survey by Shareaholic, about 24% of all referral traffic comes from Facebook.

24% in other words is ¼ of all traffic on the web essentially. And that means that if you aren’t doing your very best work to try and promote yourself on the social network, you might well be missing out on a quarter of your potential traffic. Again, that’s a huge amount to be missing out on. A more conservative estimate from Define Media Group puts the percentage at 16% but that’s still a huge proportion either way.

Here are some more impressive statistics. Did you know that Facebook has over 890 million active users every single day? And did you know that of those 890 million users, most will click on between 2-4 external links? That’s about 1.8-3.6 billion referrals every single day. You should be looking at how you can get a slice of that!

But Facebook isn’t only impressive in terms of numbers. The allure of Facebook is not just ‘quantitative’ it is also ‘qualitative’. What does that mean? It means that Facebook is also very powerful because of the way 5 that it works and specifically the way it allows users to ‘target’ their marketing efforts.

Basically, while Facebook might generate 16-24% of overall traffic, that traffic will be much greater for some websites and some niches. Those sites publishing content with a highly sharable nature will find that Facebook works even better for them and this is of course owing to the viral nature of things posted on the site. Buzzfeed for instance – a site that is incredibly successful and profitable – says that it only cares about Facebook and social media for generating traffic.

And actually, in a world where Google is constantly changing their algorithms, Facebook offers a much surer bet in terms of a long-term strategy.

What’s more, Facebook gives you unprecedented control when it comes to deciding who will see your content and how you’re going to market to them. In other words, you can target users based on their age, sex, location, interests and more which just isn’t possible with other methods of marketing. This gives Facebook a massive advantage and when you combine this precision with the sheer size of the audience… it’s the perfect storm for any marketer.

But just because Facebook is a huge and powerful tool for marketers, that doesn’t mean that you can just dive straight in, start flailing around and expect to get results. If you hope to be successful on Facebook then you need to have a strategy and you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Facebook should be thought of as its own ecosystem and as such, certain unique strategies need to be applied while others should be avoided. Read on and you’ll be armed with all of the skills and expertise you need to start making Facebook really work for you.

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