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Are You Profiting From Viral PDF’s Yet?

A viral PDF is one that you create and give away. It could be a report on any subject related to your niche that solves a problem. But here’s the twist: You give it away with rights to sell or give it away.

People who receive it can use it as their own to sell or give away again and again. The magic to this isn’t just that a lot of people can see your lead magnet – it’s that a lot of people can end up clicking the LINKS you’ve placed INSIDE the lead magnet.

You strategically place links in the PDF that lead to your landing page, your website, your products and your affiliate programs. Anything that is relevant works. And if your PDF happens to be a newsletter or magazine, all the better. Each article can link to a product that is relevant to the article.

For example, an article on how to get more traffic can link to a traffic generating plugin, course, book, etc. An article on YouTube marketing can lead to… you guessed it, a product on marketing with YouTube. If you want to get your links seen and make more money, viral PDF’s are a must have.

Look for more on this elsewhere in this issue – including a $1,267,200 case study.

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