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Video Marketing Tactics and Strategy is important!

That last thing you want to do is waste your time in making videos that are not appealing or can produce great results in your marketing strategy.

This is the last thing we’ll cover in this book, because once you learn how to market your videos, you will have everything you need to become successful with video marketing.

  1. Keep your videos targeted. You wouldn’t write about cooking a meal on your dog/pet blog, so you need to treat your videos like this as well. Keep them focused and laser targeted on exactly what your visitors are looking for.
  2. Deliver good content. Producing articles and blog posts with spun jargon may help with backlinks, but it’s not going to drive traffic, and it won’t increase your conversions. Your videos should be treated the same way. Crap videos will not offer ROI.
  3. Tailor your video design to your target demographic.
  4. Write eye-catching titles and descriptions. Instead of: “How to Make Money With….” Use “How I Made Over $500 With… While ASLEEP!”
  5. If making a “how to” provide the basic steps, but don’t give it all way. Tease your viewers so they want more. This will help drive traffic to your website, and when they find what they need, it could turn them into buying customers.
  6. When working on your next project, instead of the traditional eBook, consider making a video series. The content is still fresh enough to attract people who don’t feel like downloading yet another eBook.
  7. If you are going to speak, write a script for the video before recording it. Too many videos feature marketers who appear as though they have no idea what they are hing to say. Not only does this make the video boring, it makes the person seem less credible.
  8. If you will be featured in your videos, either as yourself, or just your voice, develop a personality to ensure your viewers will enjoy your presence. Many marketers are dull and boring. Add brightness and enthusiasm into your videos, even if you have to fake it.
  9. Use videos to continuously develop your brand. Use a style for your audience. They will become familiar with you and your brand image, and if they like it,they will come back for more.


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