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Do you want to have our 19 FREE Marketing Tools?

Here are some of the FREE Marketing Tools that i have manage to collect that you might be interested to have in your arsenal.  These are free to download.

Highly Recommended Marketing Tools That Are FREE!

  1. 7 Zip: http://7-zip.org (free download) An open source, free alternative to WinZip.
  2. Audacity: http://audacity.sourceforge.net (free download) An open source software used for recording & editing audio files.
  3. AVG: http://free.avg.com (free download) Anti-virus and anti-spyware protection.
  4. BrowserShots: http://browsershots.org (free online tool) Use this site to view how your website look in various browsers.
  5. CamStudio: http://camstudio.org (free download) Lets you record all screen & audio activity on your computer and create video files.
  6. CCleaner: http://ccleaner.com (free download) Removes unused files from your pc allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up space.
  7. Color Cop: http://colorcop.net (free online tool) A multi-purpose color picker – great for web designers and programmers.
  8. Down For Everyone: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com (free online tool) Is your site down? Use this tool to see if your website is down for other people.
  9. DupeFree: http://dupefreepro.com (free download) Quickly check for duplicate content & LSI keywords.
  10. Evernote: http://evernote.com (free download) Scan your notes, receipts, etc … it will OCR the content, space it, and make it searchable)
  11. FileZilla: http://filezilla-project.org (free download) Open source FTP program for uploading files to your host.
  12. Firefox: http://mozilla.com/firefox (free download) Alternate web browser.
  13. GIMP: http://gimp.org (free download) An open source program used to create & edit – free alternative to Photoshop.
  14. Give Away Of The Day: http://giveawayoftheday.com (free download) Unique site that offers you a free license digital product daily.
  15. Marketing Forum: http://resell-rights-weekly.com/forum (free online tool) Very helpful forum with lots of good info on internet marketing. Friendly members too.
  16. NicheBot Classic: http://nichebotclassic.com (free online tool) Online keyword research tool helps you target the correct keywords.
  17. Open Office: http://openoffice.org (free download) Open source office software – word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations …
  18. OSWD: http://oswd.org/ (free downloads) Open Source Web Design offers free web design templates.
  19. PDF995: http://pdf995.com (free download) Use this tool to easily convert files to PSD format.

Let me share to you my bonus marketing tools that are free.

There are still a lot of other free marketing tools out there and i will be adding it here every now and then. For the mean time, just enjoy yourself and have these free marketing tools added to your arsenal.


By Mentor Jhuls

My name is Julius Suralta aka “Mentor Jhuls”. I am a network marketer, online marketer and entrepreneur based in Dubai, UAE. I do believe that sharing what I know is the best approach to get what I want in this business. I'm not a good vlogger or blogger nor a good writer. I only write and say on what i know. 

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