Cryptocurrency Tools

Crypto Tools
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These are the CRYPTOCURRENCY TOOLS that you need to have if you are interested in Cryptocurrency!

These tools come in-handy if you are interested in this industry.

Buying BITCOIN or other cryptocurrency;

  • Cash.App – is where to buy and sell bit coin on your smartphone.
  • – is where you can buy and sell BITCOIN on your credit cards.
  • – is where you can buy, sell & turn crypto into currency of your choice.

Cryptocurrency Wallets to choose from;

  • – Hard wallet where to store your cryptocurrency safely (#1 to store for bitcoin)
  • – free all-in-one desktop application to safely store & manage your coins.
  • – Free ERC20 wallet. Where i use my ERC20 ICO tokens.

Top Cryptocurrency Exchange markets;

  • – my favorite exchange market to buy and sell alt coins.
  • – my other favorite exchange market

Here’s some free websites to know more about cryptocurrency;

  • – where you can see the coin market capitalization, research coins and many more.
  • – where you can check the cryptocurrency calendar.
  • – start your favorite coins, create portfolio and many more.
  • – your cryptocurrency news and source.
  • – where you can track the past, present and future of the companies.
  • – where a community of hackers (just writers and enthusiast) share their thoughts and knowledge.

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