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What You Never Know About Your New Customers?

I don’t know about you but sometimes i wonder what my new customers are thinking about my store and my product lines. I mean, not just that they bought products from my store but something else as well triggers them to buy from it.

First and foremost, i am doing drop-shipping business and i don’t have physical products.

Okay, someone just bought your $10 product. Big deal, right? This customer may or may not ever make another purchase from you again. Well… what if you treat ALL of your customers as though they are worth $1,000 to you, or even $10,000?

Because frankly, you can’t tell which ones are going to turn out to be the big fish. And if you annoy a big fish, you can lose a LOT of business.

Let me tell you a story;

Eastern Airlines went out of business in 1991. I wonder if how they chose to treat their customers had anything to do with it… The CEO of Eastern Airlines came rushing in at the last minute for a flight.

First class was full, so to put the CEO in first class, they bumped a paying customer. Possibly feeling guilty, the CEO made his way back to economy class. There he apologized to the customer who was bumped and introduced himself as the CEO of the airline.

New customers

The customer replied: “Well, I’m the CEO of IBM.” Whoops. It’s not a far stretch to imagine the IBM CEO issuing an order when he returned to the office, telling his company to stop using Eastern Airlines altogether.

Nor is it hard to imagine that CEO telling other CEO’s about his experience. Strive to treat every customer like a CEO, and you’ll likely fare a whole lot better than Easter Airlines.

Customer service should be our top priority and customer satisfaction should be our forefront objectives in doing drop-shipping business. I know I failed some of my customers. I am still learning a lot of things on this business.

Improving our customer service and customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

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