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Here’s how to make money with opensource!

Many tech-savvy people can get some extra cash, but they don’t do it. Several reasons force them to leave this money on the ground.

OpenSource software is really ideal product for anybody who is able to learn about them. OpenSource is used for personal and also company / government needs.

OpenSource is software, but also hardware. Today, we will focus on SW. On the one hand, source code is for free, on the other hand you have to know how to use them, sometimes also how to modify or fix them.

  • Provide a consultancy services
  • Provide modification/fix services
  • Provide hosting solution
  • Create OpenSource product and provide support platform

If you have a plenty of time but no cash to start bigger operations like dedicated hosting, just stay cool and offer service you can deploy easily and without initial up-costs.

For example, you can select one from thousands of source codes on the internet ( ask uncle google or visit ) and learn how to install and configure useful software. OpenSource software frequently requires a support from experienced users, so why do not be the one of them?

Prepare quickly deployable solution, prepare the showcase and lead generation page. Find a sales channel and start with your offer. For example, one of the best pages to start business from home is where you can show what you can do for 5$.

It is the best point to start with little money but huge audience if you do not still have own customer base.

Save money on research or production of your own product and start with OpenSource – remember that you can not sell them as like as proprietary software, but you can offer support services – which can generate more and recurring income.

The most seen case of this home based business is WordPress CMS installation and covering of whole website development process. Once you are good at it, you can proceed to affiliate web-hosting or even make your own web-hosting company – provides a white-label solution which is very, very interesting way how to get more money to your pocket.

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