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Here’s some of the downsides that i have encountered or experience in working from home!

As with anything, it cannot be all roses and sunshine when it comes to working from home. Let’s face it, some of us crave the office politics, bad managers and stiff dress codes. This might also sound as kooky as the first sentence but working from home may not be for everybody.

Here are five reasons why:

Motivating Yourself

The one good thing about having a supervisor breathing down you neck is just that – someone is there to make sure you stay on your toes with the targets firmly in your mind. It helps to have someone always there reminding you what you’re working for.

Motivation can also be received from colleagues, teammates and peers. It has been said that whatever relationship you form with office mates is the bonus but that could be the contrary for some people. Like it or not, we all crave for companionship and that sense of belonging, the achievement of which could be virtually impossible for someone working from home.

Benefits available

There’s the matter of medical insurance coverage which you would have to fund for yourself should you opt to work from home and that may not be something you’re happy or willing to do. Medical insurance can be expensive and accidents in the home can be as dangerous as they are anywhere else.

There’s also the matter of government contributions. It is now up to the freelancer to make sure their taxes are paid along with the social security, etc.

Task Management

It never ends, even in the home. Actually, not having the cookie-cutter 9 to 5 schedule could do more harm than good especially for someone who lacks discipline. For the slacker, it is quite possible that a list of to dos could take all day to finish due to lack of focus or commitment to what needs to be done especially with a lot of distractions available online and around the house.

For the workaholic, having an undefined work schedule can also be bad for the reason that they can choose to not stop working until they’re overworked to within an inch of their lives. The issue here is for the workaholic’s inability to tell themselves to stop working and rest.

Job Security

As with any boom, the influx of online jobs availability can die down just as quickly as it sprung up. There now lies the question about job security – how long will online jobs be available for? – and security of tenure – someone somewhere is better at this than me so how can I be sure to keep this job?

Keeping the Drive

Doing the same thing over and over can be tiring and pretty soon, ideas will run out. In this regard, the freelancer would have to be resourceful to make sure that the creative juices never stop flowing. Here, more time will have to be devoted to research, studying and fact-checking.

These are the things that keep bothering me. Should I or should i not become a freelancer and start working from home.

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